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In the documentary, Two Sided Story, Emmy Award director, Tor Ben Mayor, follows a group of 27 Palestinians and Israelis who meet through a Parents Circle - Families Forum (PCFF) project, in which they experience and acknowledge the narrative of the other.

Among the participants are bereaved families, Orthodox Jews and religious Muslims,  settlers, former IDF soldiers, ex-security prisoners, citizens of the Gaza strip, kibbutz members, second generation Holocaust survivors, non-violent activists and more.


They are not trying to convince each other that their narrative is right, nor are they seeking a political solution. They have simply been asked to listen, to clarify the differences between how they grasp reality and how they see the other side. The participants offer insights into their inner world; they share their personal experiences along with historical and political interpretation to key events in the conflict including the Nakba, the Holocaust, Occupation, bereavement, suicide bombing, Israeli army, the Separation Barrier, etc.

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The American Friends of the Parents Circle is committed to holding 100 screenings of Two Sided Story in synagogues, churches, mosques, colleges, schools, community groups, dialogue groups and living rooms all over the U.S.

Join our initiative.   Host a screening.  Bring the messages of reconciliation, mutual understanding and trust to your communities and living rooms.  The DVD is available through a contribution of $25 for private use only.  To screen the film in your community, make a screening contribution of $300.  For groups with limited budgets, discounts may be available. Contributions can be made through Network for Good.  

For more information, contact Shiri Ourian at americanfriends@parentscircle.org 


The Parents Circle - Families Forum is an organization made up of over 600 bereaved families, half Israeli and half Palestinian.  Since 1994, the members of this organization - all of whom have lost a family member to the conflict - have undertaken a joint effort in the midst of ongoing violence to transform their incredible loss and pain into a catalyst for reconciliation and peace.