About the director:
Tor Ben Mayor- Director and editor - International Emmy award winner (2001) for the documentary film "Kapo"(1999). Partly directed "Song of Sin" television series "Couple Therapy" (2007-2008). Television series "Shattered Dreams To Peace" (2007), "Bereaved Mothers" (2000) and more.

The film "Two Sided Story" is the third in the trilogy that Ben Mayor has directed about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The first film had a chapter about the War of Independence as part of the TV series documentary "Frontline". The second film "Shattered Dreams of Peace" that he co-directed with Danny Siton describes the attempt to reach peace from Oslo to its breakdown in "Operation Defensive Shield". The current film is the third in the "conflict trilogy", says Ben Mayor and opens up conversation about reaching reconciliation".

Director and editor: Tor Ben Mayor

Script: Dov Kroitoru
Photography Muhammad Fawzi & Meni Elias
Music: Koby Weitzman
Research and Production: Michal Yon & Amjad Abu Arafah
Producer: Yoav Leshem
Executive Producer: Ayelet Harel