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"Neighbors – Women Creating Reconciliation"


On September 28th, PCFF held a large public event at the Tel Aviv Cinemateque called "Neighbors - Women Creating Reconciliation".

200 Palestinians from the West Bank and around 1,500 Israelis came to this unique event that was held in the heart of Tel Aviv under the slogan "Let's Start from Talking".

At the  event the women group of PCFF - bereaved mothers, sisters, wife and daughters - Israelis and Palestinians, presented the fruits of their year-long project funded by USAID, including a photography exhibition, art exhibition, dialogue encounters, and selling of homemade foods and hand works. Hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians came to take part, meet the other side and call for a change in the current situation and reaching a solution to the endless conflict.

Photo by Lihee Avidan

Here are some of the highlights of the events and some pictures from the event:

"The Presence of the Void" - An exhibition of photographs created by 10 Palestinian and Israeli bereaved women, who went on an intimate and fascinating journey to photograph the presence of their lost loved one in their lives. They came to the event to share their story with the audience and the story of the photographs their took.
The project was led by the professional photographers: Vardi Kahana, Atta Awisat and Miki Kratsman. A video art created by the director Nurit Keidar about this exhibition was also presented at the event. The exhibition will be presented at the Cinemateque until October 14th.

Photo by Dalia Johananoff Kenneth

"The Texture of Life" - An exhibition of 15 handmade books created by Palestinian and Israeli bereaved women presenting the milestones of their lives in an artistic way. The visitors to the exhibition could also read the text that was set next to each book telling the story of the woman who made the book. This project was led by the artist Dvora Morag.

"It Won't Stop Until We Talk" - 4 panels and dialogue encounters were held at hall 4 of the cinemateque, discussing the joint creation of these exhibitions, knowing the other side, the role of women in the reconciliation process, and life stories of Israelis and Palestinians. The hall was full in each of the panels by Israelis and Palestinians that were moved by what they heard and by the sense of hope they could feel. The panels were moderated by Linoy Bar-Gefen, Tallie Lipkin-Shahak and Ibtisam Mahmeed.

 Life stories of Israelis and Palestinians. Photo by Lihee Avidan

"Jam Session" - Hundreds of homemade jams and pickles, prepared by PCFF Israeli and Palestinian women with the guidance of the chefs Gil Hovav and Hussam Abbas, were sold at the event, to the many visitors.

"Jam Session" 

"Connecting Threads" - Hundreds of handmade Palestinian embroidery products were displayed and sold at the event.
"Connecting Threads" 

The event was a great success and received coverage at the newspapers, radio and television.

Homepage photos' by Lihee Avidan.





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